What can and can't I do?
Published on March 24, 2005 By Hazylunarrain In Blogging
Ok. Call me stupid but I'm not sure what blogging is about... Can I write a blog about anything I want? Or is there some kinda guideline? Seems to me one can write about anything and everything... But can I write something that I like or should it be something that will get others attention? Once I get up to speed about the "in's and out's" I think I will be able to come up with some goodies because I can be VERY opinionated
on Mar 24, 2005
blogging seems to be the outlet for the opinionated,,,,you should fit right in,,,it is read by me for entertainment,,,,i welcome more...
on Mar 24, 2005
Its your book babe; you can write anything you want...

Of course, if you piss people off, they won't hesitate to tell you...

on Mar 24, 2005
Its your book babe; you can write anything you want...Of course, if you piss people off, they won't hesitate to tell you...

Yep, you'll hear about it for sure!! So, blog on!!
on Mar 24, 2005
I've read blogs on topics covering everything from trailer park life to politics and anything in between, most have been interesting, or at the least entertaining.

Some folks here seem to be a little testy in defending their view of most any topic, so be forewarned, if you are thin skinned, take offense easily, or unwilling to defend your article, don't write anything controversial.

MOST readers will leave well thought out comments when so inclined, be prepared with reference material and links if you take a stance, it will be challenged.

Tour thru the forums and you'll get an idea of who, and how, your topic will be commented upon ( you'll also get a pretty good idea of who to just ignore, unless of course you like tilting at windmills ).....

A last warning, Blogging for points can be addictive, some write the most inflamatory articles you can imagine ( i used to ) just for effect

Welcome, I look forward (?) to your future post.
on Mar 24, 2005
Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of JU. If you have looked around you'll have seen {and as the people ahead of me have said} this is an open book. Anything and everything is open for discussion here but I really do hope that you don't take offense to easily. Most of the people here are good to think before they comment but there are exceptions anywhere you go.
A good place to learn the dos and don't is the survival guide.
I hope that you enjoy this place though and stick around. I look forward to your writings and want to thank you for your comment you made on my article. Good luck. I'll keep my eye out for your articles.
on Mar 25, 2005
Sounds good. I think I can take the abuse . I have a couple things in my wordpad I'm workin on so when they're finished they'll be posted!
on Mar 26, 2005
blogs are basically about anything and everything, so whatever you have on your mind, just feel free to write away ...welcome to JU, btw
on Mar 26, 2005
Thanks! Been a couple days since I worked on anything tho... Life's busy. I think this one I'm workin on's gonna be good tho. Problem is.. With work and reading everybody elses material I find myself ready for bed before I write anything. Oh well. I'lll get it done someday!
on Mar 26, 2005

Look at your blog like your soapbox, Mikey.  You can stand up on it and say whatever the hell you want.  Bear in mind that this site in syndicated to google...go type your blogging name in the search bar and see what you come up with.  Oh, and you have to be prepared for the fallout of speaking your mind....but I think that you'll do fine with that.


Happy blogging, Mikey!